Because I Said So…

As a child, this phrase was often uttered by my mother…often as in uttered on a daily basis (to all six of us). I swore to myself (my entire childhood infact) that I would never say that to my own children.

Funny how things change.

My step-daughter is almost twelve so the battle never ends. When asked one evening to do something and responding with the infamous, “why,” and after moments of an exhausting debate…those four words escaped my lips:

Because. I. Said. So.

Yep, my mother popped right out. And, without warning. I was mortified afterwards. But, you know, I realize now that it is OKAY. It’s not the end of the world if I turn into my mother. I have a great mother. Growing up, I showed her respect but not enough. As an adult and mother, I appreciate her more. More than I ever have. My hope is to be the best mom I can possibly be for my kids. Sure I lose my cool, I cry, I get frustrated, I have my moments, I can get overly stressed. Why? Because I’m not perfect. I’m human, but I’m doing the best I can.

And that is what I want to tell you all: You are the perfect mother for your kids. Do not allow society and the media to pollute your minds into what the ideal mother is. Honestly, I would love to be like Carol Brady or Joan Cleaver but I am not. I’m just me trying to do the best I can with the precious lives God entrusted me with. So, let’s stop comparing ourselves to fictional characters and be the best mom we can be. That’s true success.



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