Why I Love My Crock-Pot/Slow-Cooker

Today, I will be using my beloved crock-pot or slow-cooker, as some call it. I am not ashamed to admit that I use my crock-pot quite often. Why? Because it is convenient and this Momma can have dinner cooking while she tends to other things (such as my home which never stays clean).
I recently read an article stating people rarely use slow-cookers and that they serve no purpose. Say what?! Whomever wrote it probably does not have children nor leads a busy life, but that is just my opinion because, otherwise, he/she would love it just as much as I do. Am I right?
Even before the birth of my son, I placed our dinner into my slow-cooker the night before, left it on low all night, turned it to warm the next morning and went to work. After a 10-hr shift, I was not in the mood nor could muster the energy to fix dinner, and take-out gets old, not to mention expensive, after a while.
Crock-pots aide in my multi-tasking. And, I am a multi-tasking machine…or at least I try to be. Example, as I write this, my one-year-old naps in my arms. It’s a bit awkward, but I bask in the moment because one day he will be too big for this and refuse my mommy cuddles.

Did I mention I have more than one? All various sizes of course. Do you have a crock-pot? If so, what sort of meals do you prepare in it? And, if you don’t, I suggest purchasing one.


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