Wool Dryer Balls Vs. Dryer Sheets

A few months ago, we began using wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. This was due in part to my son’s severe sensitive skin issues.  Since switching, our electricity bills have lowered, and we no longer itch and, more importantly, my son does not break out in anymore rashes–a plus side: safe to use on infant clothing! Dryer sheets contain chemicals that can irritate the skin, whereas wool dryer balls do not. Plus, you can reuse them and do not have to spend money on dryer sheets anymore! How awesome is that?

You can purchase them on Amazon pre-made or buy the wool and make them yourself, using a single nylon stocking (after you form the ball) to make them felt. You stick them in the washing machine, preferably with sheets and pants, and then into the dryer (still in the nylon stocking).  After they are dry, remove them from the nylon stocking and viola, you now have your own wool dryer balls!


Or you can purchase 100% wool roving yarn.


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